Dancing Elephant aka Tiao wu ba! Da xiang aka 跳舞吧!大象

Dancing Elephant‬
aka Tiao wu ba! Da xiang
‪aka 跳舞吧!大象‬

  • ‪20% aren’t fat people hilarious?!‬
  • 30% how DARE you laugh at them!‬
  • 15% silly beyond words‬
  • 30% truly poignant‬
  • 5% this is the 5th Ai Lun movie I’ve seen in 18 months, and he’s consistently the best part of each.‬

I don’t normally just outright state how I feel about these movies, but I gotta say, if you can make it through all of the silliness, and keep an open heart, this was a really good movie.

To see gay themes (even very subtle ones) in a Chinese movie was very surprising.

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